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Privacy Policy


By downloading, installing, accessing and/or using the App you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy, including to the collection and processing of your Personal Information (as defined below). If you disagree to any term hereof, you may not download, install, access or use the App, and must promptly and permanently remove the App and any part thereof from your systems and devices, and cease any and all use thereof. Please note: you are not obligated by law to provide us with any Personal Information. You hereby acknowledge and agree that you are providing us with Personal Information at your own free will, for the purposes described herein, and that we may retain such Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any applicable laws and regulations.

Please see the "Company" Terms of Service, so you may find more information about how to manage the data you choose to submit to the "CallerApp". You are entering into the Terms of Service with Caller and the terms of this Privacy Policy apply to You. By accepting this Privacy Policy and/or using the Services, You consent to the collection, use, sharing and processing of data as described. Show Caller ID ("", "our", "we", "us" or the "Company") is committed to respect the privacy and Personal Information of the users (“user” or “you”) in connection with the use of our mobile application and/or by accessing our website (collectively the “Service”)

  • Our primary goal is to equip consumers with the tools needed to make informed decisions and prevent illegal and fraudulent calling activities.
  • Our service is pivotal in bolstering connectivity while thwarting intrusive and fraudulent calls. We achieve this through an array of smart features that empower users to make informed decisions, reducing the risks of malicious or misleading activities targeting our user community. These features include:
    1. Enabling users to report and block numbers for inclusion in their personal spam call list or a broader regional spam call list is a key feature of our service. If a specific number receives multiple reports as spam from users, our system notifies other users when they receive a call from that same number, helping the community stay informed and protected.
    2. Our Live Caller ID feature showcases the caller's name before the user picks up the call, providing valuable information upfront. Additionally, it notifies users if the number has been reported as spam, helping them identify and decide whether to answer the call.
    3. Show Caller ID offers a number search (reverse lookup) feature on its web-based platform, allowing individuals, even those who aren't registered users, to manually search for a number. This tool helps users identify the caller's identity and determine if the number has been reported as spam. Any contact information collected by Show Caller ID serves the sole purpose of enabling individuals to identify incoming calls from unfamiliar sources, conduct reverse numeric lookup for unknown numbers, and report/block fraudulent, intrusive, or inappropriate calls.
  • Our features are purposefully crafted to combat deceptive and abusive practices, particularly those facilitated by anonymity, prevalent in telemarketing and other harmful activities, including abusive calls.
  • Our objective is to uphold consumer privacy by enabling them to identify incoming calls, fostering greater accountability within the industry as a whole.
  • Crucial Note: Our Privacy Policy does not aim to restrict your statutory rights, encompassing your entitlement to remedies or enforcement means in any manner.

This Privacy Policy delineates our procedures regarding the information collected from your use of the Service and how we utilize this information. Additionally, we urge you to review our Terms of Use, wherein this Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference. Other policies that may be communicated by us periodically should also be considered. The definitions specified in our Terms of Use are applicable to this Privacy Policy unless otherwise stated. We hold your privacy in high regard and are committed to offering a platform that adheres to the highest standards of user privacy. It is essential to carefully read and comprehend this Privacy Policy to comprehend our procedures and your entitlements concerning personal data. "Personal Data" or "Personal Information" denotes any information, alone or in conjunction with other data, that can uniquely identify a living human being. Please be aware that while this serves as a master privacy policy, certain provisions may pertain exclusively to individuals in specific jurisdictions. For instance, the legal basis indicated in the table below is solely applicable to individuals protected by GDPR.

2. Interact Mobile Application

When you make use of, or interact with, our mobile software application, and any other software, that we license (each individually, and collectively, the "App")

    When you download our App (or App(s)), create an account, when you log in and make use of the App.
    1. Specific Personal Information we collect: We will collect your full name, phone number and email address, payment information, the Google or Apple Login details, information stored on your device phonebook directory (e.g. phone number, email address and name of your contacts)and any other information that you will decide to provide/supply us with
    2. Why is the Personal Information collected and for what purposes? We collect the Personal Information for the purpose of:
      1. Create your account on our platform
      2. Access the App by logging into your account
      3. Explore exclusive features available only to registered users
      4. Verify your identity during registration through an inbound call or SMS sent to the provided number, preventing fraudulent activities
      5. Utilize the Name Tag feature, which aggregates user-verified phone numbers and names in our directory
      6. Match your phone and contact information with call data, aiding data validation and enhancing user experience
      7. Receive push notifications, such as reminders and contact sync suggestions
      8. Engage in communication via email, mobile, etc., ensuring identity verification
      9. Conduct research, technical diagnostics, analytics, and statistical analysis
      10. Offer relevant additional services and exclusive deals
      11. Process information for our directory, enabling numeric search and identifying incoming calls from permitted users' contacts
    3. Consequences of not providing the Personal Information Where we do not process this Personal Information, we will not be able to:
      1. Enabling account creation for your access
      2. Facilitating login to our application
      3. Accessing exclusive features reserved for registered users
      4. During registration, we may contact you using the provided number (via inbound call or SMS) to verify your identity and prevent fraudulent activities
      5. Our Name Tag feature includes names and phone numbers in our directory when a sufficient number of users associate the same name with a phone number
      6. Matching your phone and contact information with call records and our database, stored for data validation for both you and other app users
      7. Sending push notifications, such as reminders or contact synchronization suggestions
      8. Engaging in communication via email, mobile, etc., for authentication and interaction purposes
      9. Conducting research, technical diagnostics, analytics, and statistical analysis
      10. Offering the most relevant additional services and exclusive offers
      11. Processing certain information in our directory to enable numeric search and identify incoming calls from users who have permitted this information processing
    4. Third parties with whom we share your Personal Information 3rd party platforms such as for the following purposes:
      1. Our partner companies and third-party professional service providers have permission to utilize the information exclusively for the purpose of delivering the Service to you.
      2. We disclose your information, including Personal Information, to fellow users within our community. Your name may appear during incoming calls for other users or when they conduct a numeric search using your phone number (Caller ID).
      3. Details from your profile, including data obtained from your social network, will be accessible to other users based on the settings you've set for your privacy.
      4. Other users won't see your phone number unless it was already publicly available or if you've chosen to share it explicitly.
      5. When you enable the Show Caller ID Search feature, the contact information you've provided (such as full names, phone numbers, and email addresses) will undergo processing in our directory. This processed information will be accessible to other users who are also registered and using this feature, appearing during incoming calls or when conducting a numeric search.
      6. If you choose to report a phone number as SPAM, it might become part of our public SPAM directory, which is accessible to users within our community.
      7. We might share or allow access to your Personal Information with third-party partners through APIs or mobile carriers. This sharing aims to maintain and enhance the partners' current data, enabling them to acquire pertinent information for commercial and business opportunities. This includes activities like identifying spam calls. If you wish to prevent the public sharing of your Personal Data on our App or with vendors/business partners, you can opt-out by providing your relevant details.
      8. If you opt to share your social network identifier (like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, VK), we can access and utilize information available or stored in those services linked to your profile or contacts (such as social identifier, profile link, profile image, name, and emails - collectively termed "Social Data"). This allows us to integrate and synchronize this data with yours and your contacts' information, enriching our users' experiences and updating your and your contacts' information. Retrieval of such data adheres to security restrictions and permissions set by the respective platform. We don't store or process password or security-related information. Our legal basis for collecting this Personal Information is based on your consent.
      9. If you choose to use the "Show Caller ID" feature, you'll be asked to share names, phone numbers, email addresses, and Social Data from your device's phonebook. This helps improve your directory, sync information, and enables us to suggest potential connections within our community. We collect this information based on your consent.
    5. Final Note : Please note that some of the personal information mentioned earlier will be utilized for preventing and detecting fraud or illegal activities, rectifying errors, performing audits, and ensuring security. It might also be used to adhere to relevant laws, comply with official investigations, law enforcement procedures, or to support legal claims. In specific instances, we may anonymize or de-identify your personal data to utilize it internally and externally for purposes like service enhancement and research. This anonymized data might be shared with third parties, including ad networks, advertising firms, and service providers, for the outlined reasons. Additionally, it could be employed for tailored advertising through our services or websites, contributing to service improvement, business analysis, and other business objectives. This information, when kept anonymous, doesn't identify individual users, providing aggregated insights on our service usage. We might use and share this Anonymous Information without limitations, primarily to elevate our services and enrich user experiences.


  • Apart from the previously mentioned retention periods, there are situations where we might retain your Personal Information for extended durations. This can occur under specific circumstances, such as:

    1. Meeting legal, regulatory, tax, or accounting requirements
    2. Maintaining an accurate record of your interactions with us in case of complaints or disputes
    3. When a potential litigation involving your Personal Information or dealings is reasonably anticipated.
    4. To ensure that we don't retain your Personal Information indefinitely, we adhere to an internal data retention policy. Concerning the retention of cookies, you can find more detailed information in our cookie policy
  • To ensure that we don't retain your Personal Information indefinitely, we adhere to an internal data retention policy. Concerning the retention of cookies, you can find more detailed information in our Cookie policy


Certain rights, applicable to specific individuals (with potential exemptions or derogations), are as follows (some solely applicable to individuals protected under GDPR):

  1. To exercise these rights, please contact us at You have the option to utilize an authorized agent for submitting a request on your behalf, provided you grant the agent written permission bearing your signature. For safeguarding your privacy, we may verify your identity before fulfilling your request. We will make reasonable efforts, subject to legal considerations, to promptly address your request or notify you if further information is necessary. Prior to processing your request, we may seek additional information to confirm your identity and for security purposes
  2. Where permitted by law, we reserve the right to charge a fee, particularly if your request is deemed unfounded or excessive. Should your request potentially impede the rights and freedoms of others or if handling your request differently is legally permissible, we will address it to the fullest extent in compliance with the law.
  3. It's important to note that the information, including Personal Data provided by you to Sync.Me, might have already been provided or will be provided by other users. Additionally, may collect this information independently or from alternative sources, including public or publicly available data sources. Processing such information, even if sourced from other users or other channels, shall not breach our Terms of Use or your rights. Even if you request deletion of contact details previously uploaded to the App, this processing will not be considered a breach. You can easily opt-out through our opt-out page, available here


If you choose to delete your account, kindly email to initiate the process. Upon termination, the link between your account and the stored Personal Information will no longer be accessible through your account. Yet, please note that any public activities associated with your account before deletion might persist on our servers and remain accessible to the public due to the nature of sharing on specific services. You can also delete your account from the mobile application directly


Our Service is designed for individuals aged 16 years and older or those above the legal age required for consent without parental authorization, as per the laws in your residing jurisdiction ("Age of Consent"). We do not knowingly collect personal information from minors. If we become aware that a user is under the Age of Consent, we reserve the right to eliminate their Personal Information from our records and systems. At any point, we may ask for age verification to ensure that minors are not using the Service. If you suspect that we possess such information, please reach out to us at


We are committed to ensuring the security of the Service and your information. To achieve this, we've implemented appropriate technical, organizational, and security measures intended to safeguard your Personal Information. Our practices adhere to industry standards to protect user information and prevent unauthorized access. However, while we take reasonable steps to secure information, we cannot guarantee immunity against unauthorized breaches to our servers. The security of your information also relies on the security of your computer, device, or network, as well as the measures you use to safeguard your user IDs and passwords. We encourage you to take necessary steps to protect this information. If you believe that your privacy was not handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, or if anyone attempted to misuse our service or acted inappropriately, please contact us directly at


We retain the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so we recommend revisiting this page regularly. In the event of significant alterations in the use of your Personal Information, differing from what was originally communicated during collection, we will notify you about these changes via the Service, email to the provided address, or through other means. To the fullest extent permitted by law, such substantial changes will become effective seven (7) days after the notice is made available through any of the aforementioned methods. Otherwise, all other modifications to this Privacy Policy become effective as of the "Last Revised" date. Your continued use of the Service following the Last Revised date signifies your acceptance of and agreement to abide by those changes.


If You contact our customer support team, we will receive Your email address, as well as the information You send to us to help resolve Your query. We will keep records of our communications with You, including any complaints that we receive from You about the Services, other Users (and from other Users about You). You can also send Your enquiries (including in relation to any grievances) via email to Please Visit Standard Apple Terms of Use (EULA) . for more information